Tips and Tricks When Trading Your Car

13 Jul


If you’re in the market to trade in your vehicle, there are key things to keep mind. Otherwise you might end up in the losing end of the deal. Remember that dealers are masters of the game. They have plenty of tricks they use to rip customers off during trade ins. To ensure that you won’t get ripped off and instead get the best end of the deal, here are tips and tricks to keep in mind:

Do your homework

First things first, do your homework. That means you should research the value of your car. You can start by going online and check websites that offer free services. You can also check auction sites and look for the same or similar models as your vehicle. Another option and one highly recommended is to go have your vehicle appraised. The key is to take your car to several used car lots for comparisons. When it’s time to visit the dealership, use the high end appraised cost when negotiating with your dealer.

Boost your car’s value

Taking the time to spruce up your car can do wonders for your negotiation. From the inside out, you need to make an effort to present your old car in the best light possible. Don’t worry; you don’t need to spend money for an overhaul. In most cases, all you need to do is thoroughly clean the car. Get rid of smells, garbage, etc. Wash both the inside and the outside of the car. And have the engine tuned up if

Mind the timing

Timing matters too when you’re trading in your old car. Some cars don’t trade in well during winter, for example. Always check the market first and try to find out how your car will fare if you put it in for a trade in today. Again, your research skills will come handy at this point. Get yourself acquainted with current news and trends within the industry and within UK so you know when the right time for trade in will be.

Show off your record

If you diligently maintained your car over the years, use that to your advantage by showing the dealer your records. Dealers naturally want a car that has been properly maintained. With the records to back up your claims, you are essentially telling your dealer that your car is one he shouldn’t pass up on.

Negotiate the deal

When it’s down to negotiating the deal, it’s best to do the new purchase and the trade-in separately. Start by dealing with the trade-in first. Use the aforementioned tips and tricks to increase your car’s trade-in value to get the better end of the deal. Once closed and sealed, the next step is to focus on the new car purchase