Most Economical Cars for 2015

20 Jul


If you check your finances, you’d see that one of the largest expenses you incur each month is for gas. There’s no surprise there considering that most of us use our cars on a daily basis.But just because you have a car doesn’t mean you can’t save on gas.

Whether you’re looking to trade in your old car oryou’re buying a new car for the first time,here are some of the most economical and fuel efficient cars for 2015:

Vauxhall Corsa

This car offers the turbo diesel version against Ford’s Fiesta. It produces a fuel economy high of 85.6mpg and has been a top selling car in Britain. With majority of Britons trusting the car, it sure looked like that the car is a good bet this year.

Volkswagen Golf

Designed to fit a small family, the Volkswagen Golf boast a hatchback design with a super economical 88.3mpg fuel mileage on average. It has five doors and also features a TDI Blue motion so all in all another good bet especially for families.

Kia Rio

Featuring a fuel economy of 88.3 mpg, the Kia Rio 1.1 has also made it to the list. It uses a three-cylinder engine that ensures topnotch and optimized fuel economy thereby a good bet if you want to save money on gas in the long run.

Hyundai i120

Though it has a small engine, it is powerful when it comes to performance. In fact, the Hyundai i120 just like the Kia Rio can average 88.3 mpg in fuel economy.

Peugeot 208

Currently one of the best fuel economy cars from Peugeot is the 208 BlueHDI with fuel economy of 94.1mpg. It’s been dubbed a super green car therefore not only budget-friendly but also eco-friendly.

Volkswagen Polo

Another super green car option you should definitely look into is the Volkswagen Polo with an average fuel economy of 91.1 mpg complimented with low CO2 emissions making it the second car to be included in the list from Volkswagen.

Ford Fiesta

Finally, we have the Ford Fiesta, which is one of the best selling new cars in the UK for 2015.The car’s fuel economy is 85.6mpg making it cost-efficient without sacrificing on performance thanks to its powerful engine.